Building Your Lawn in Palm Springs

Your lawn can be built literally from the ground up. Whether you are laying sod in an area for the first time, or replenishing old with new, it will be necessary to prepare the ground in advance. Preparing the ground in Florida for sod installation is usually not a complicated process. Advance preparation of the area will assure the new sod will take root and grow vigorously, producing a healthy lawn. As with all regions of the country, it is important to first select a variety of sod that will do well in your area.

The primary goal of preparing your lawn for sodding is to have soil to soil contact – where the soil side of the sod is in contact with the soil of your lawn. There is lot of flexibility on how you achieve soil to soil contact, but the best method is to strip the existing weeds and such from your lawn with a sod cutter. This not only exposes the soil for soil to soil contact but often leaves a very level surface.

Fertilizers are for the soil not the sod. If your lawn has poor infertile soil – as in it has not been fertilized in years – then any fertilizer will help. The best fertilizer method for St Augustine sod is to apply a fertilizer to the soil before planting the sod. Consider putting about one pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet of soil.

Planting sod is as simple as placing the sod pieces edge to edge and trimming borders to the size. No special technique or tips here – just get the sod on the ground, green side up. One clue: There are about 450 pieces of sod per pallet and sodding goes quickly if you get in a quick paced rhythm of picking sod and throwing it into place. Never be afraid to call in the experts. Zimmerman Tree Service provides the full range of services to keep your lawn and ornamental plants in top health and looking great, including everything from landscape design and installation to year round maintenance.