Business Holiday and Year Round Lighting Installation in Palm Springs

Holiday Lighting in Palm Springs
Holiday Lighting in Palm Springs

Expertly decorate your business for the holiday season with lights and wintertime decorating service.

Get professional lighting installation at its very best.

Total Plant Service provides commercial holiday and year-round lighting services in the Palm Springs area. Get professional lighting installation at its very best, with safe, quality installation and removal. From holiday lighting design, installation, removal and storage, turn your business or home into a wonderland.

Our talented design experts evaluate your needs and create an affordable lighting program that will make your communities shine.

With specialized training, attention to detail, and the best holiday decorating products on the market, our team will handle your holiday decorating from start to finish. Our designs are customized and provided in a-la-carte form in order to meet your lighting and budgetary needs.

Each professional holiday decorating package includes:

Why let the hassles of the season get in the way of the joys of the season? Now you can simplify your life and scratch the holiday lighting chore off your to-do list with one simple call. We will handle everything and make this the brightest holiday season ever.

Holiday and Year Round Lighting Service in Palm Springs

Design, installation, maintenance, and removal of LED lighting and decorations. Once a design option has been selected by the customer, install and removal dates will be determined. After all decorations are installed, it will be our responsibility to ensure they are fully operational between the date of install and the date of removal. We will respond within 24 hours after being notified of any malfunctioning lights. We will not subcontract any work to any other companies. We use all of our own equipment and employees.