Exotic and Invasive Tree and Plant Removal in Palm Springs

Ardisia unwanted plant removal Palm Springs, Florida

Florida's native plant life is under assault by invasive flora from other places. Exotic plants arrive in Florida by many means, some intentional, some not. However these non-native plants get to Florida, they are a threat to Florida's native species. Many of these non-native plants exhibit a tendency to outgrow and push out the plant life that naturally grows here. All over the state we see non-native trees like the Ardisia, the Chinaberry and the Tree-of-Heaven.

We encounter vines such as the Sweet Autumn Virginsbower and the Winter Creeper. There is no shortage of exotic shrubs like the Oregon Grape and the Russian Olive. You will find many non-native herbs here as well including Queen Anne's Lace and Chinese Silvergrass.

Many of these leafy pests bear charming names such as the Multiflora Rose. Some like the Mimosa have attractive, colorful sweet-smelling blooms. However, invasives} are ecological time bombs, wreaking havoc on Florida's native {plant and animal life

Kalmax invasive plant removal

Without natural checks, a non-native plant can overwhelm the native habitat, crowd out native plants, and reduce the diversity of foods available to birds and other wildlife. Many of these pests started out as ornamental plants, but once introduced have propogated via rainy, storm seasons or neglectful disposal into Florida's environment. They soon disrupt the natural balance.

How do you rid yourself of such non-native lawn and garden pests? You can remove some by pulling them out by the roots, some by mowing, others may require the use of herbicides or other culling methods.

At Total Plant Health Care we know the best way to deal with any troublesome plants that might be choking the life out of your natural and native trees and shrubs. With over 30 years of experience, Total Plant Health Care is a full service organization providing shade, fruit and ornamental tree care as well as insect, disease and fertilization programs.